Dances Taught


Feature Dances
A Tiny Waltz LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Aug.2014 (Issue 220) 

Little Foxtrot LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jan.2011 (Issue 177) - Dance of the Month , No.8 Teaching Survey Chart

Baby Chihuahua
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jul.2013 - Teaching Survey by Alphabetical @ Jul 16,2013

Little Mockin' Bird Cha
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.29 / 50 Beginner Line Dance Chart @ Dec 18,2010

EZ Shanghai Surprise
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.16
Teaching Survey Chart
@ Dec 18, 2010

EZ Waka Waka
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.9 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 17, 2011

Baby, Just A Kiss BabyJustAKiss
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.4 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 23, 2011

Summer Wine
3rd place - 2004 Windy City Line Dance Mania (USA) Choerography Contest

Dances Taught

Hi, all instructors around the world, welcome to my web site.
Below are the latest dances I have taught in my classes.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your classes. Have Fun !!!

 * Dance re-taught pooh Demo by Winnie Yu YT Demo by Choreographer

upside down corner Upside Down Corner
YT Demo by Pooh's Team Instructor or others

July 2020
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
1Yi Jian Mei (A Spray of Plum Blossoms)Winnie Yuscript videovideo
March 2020
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
8Tick TockIra Weisburdscriptvideovideo
7GaslighterVivienne Scott & Fred Buckleyscriptvideovideovideo
6Anne's LoveKim Rayscriptvideo
5Shut Up ChickenGuillaume Richard & Rebecca Leescriptvideo
4Play With FireNeville & Juliescript
3BambalamRick Dominguez & Jonno Libermanscriptvideo
2Say I Won'tRoy Verdonk & Jose Belloquevideovideo
1Sweet AttractionKate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Muskscript videovideo
February 2020
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
25Remember You YoungAmund Storsveen & Jo Thompsonscriptvideo
24Gotta Get UpRobbie McGowan Hickiescript
23Blow The TrumpetNiels & Shanescriptvideo
22Take it FurtherTim Johnsonscriptvideo
21InstructionsSobrielo Philip Genescriptvideo
20Joke's On YouNeville & Juliescriptvideo
19Glory GloryDwight meessen, Alison Johnstonescriptvideo
18Tu ManeraR&B, The Universal LD, Rusat-INAscriptvideo
17FireShirley Bang, Bill Baron, Penny Tanscriptvideo
16ReactGary & Maggiescriptvideovideo
15Life Is a LessonFred Whitehouse & Darren Baileyscriptvideovideo
14Fake SimleGuillaume Richard & Jannie Tofte Andersenscriptvideovideo
13CatchGrace David & Jo Thompsonscriptvideo
12Little GirlRia Vos & Jef Campsscriptvideo
11Jetty RoadKarl Harry Wison & Lee Hamiltonscriptvideo
10Dancing FeverGary O'Reilly & Jonas Dahlgrenscriptvideovideo
9Fall AwaySimon Ward & Esmeralda VD Polscriptvideovideo
8Home To DonegalNiels Poulsen & Heather Bartonscriptvideo
7La BombaFred Whitehouse, Shane McKeeverscriptvideo
6Keep YoungMaggie Gallagherscriptvideovideo
5Crystal TouchClaire Bell & Maddison Gloverscriptvideovideovideo
4FoolishJoshua Talbot & JP Madgescriptvideovideo
3Cheerio Na Na NaYvonne Andersonscriptvideo
2Waltzing Down UnderSimon Ward & Tina Argylevideo
1Be My Bonfire Roy H, Fiona & John Robinson video
January 2020
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
37What A Man Gotta DoScott Blevins & Amy Glassscriptvideo
36King is BornShane McKeeverscriptvideo
35Little ThingsDebbie Rushtonscriptvideovideo
34Oh Oh Na Na ChaJef Camps & Roy verdonkscriptvideo
33Ignite The FireJoey Warrenscriptvideo
32Elastic HeartRoy & Fionascriptvideo
31Better As OneFred Whitehouse
30Cabo MoonIra Weiburdscriptvideo
29Be There In Your MorningMicaela Svensson Erlandssonscriptvideo
28Baby ( I Love You)Regina Cheungscriptvideovideo
27Gimme Your LoveDebbie R, Jenny W, Joey W, Tim Jscriptvideo
26Just Let Me DanceJoey Warrenscriptvideo
25Love On The RocksRia Vosscript
24Don't HurtKarl Harry Winson & Kate Salascriptvideo
23Barnyarnd BoogieSobrielo PG, Carlton T, Adia N, Grace D, Ira W scriptvideo
22ColorfulGuillaume Richardscriptvideovideo
21Never Gonna Grow UpGary O'Reillyscriptvideo
20* AmameRobbie scriptvideo
19Body GoodSobrielo Philip Gene, Rebecca Leescriptvideo
18What A Man Gotta DoJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideovideo
17All IrishMicaela Svensson Erlandssonscriptvideovideo
16You're the HeroNiels & Shanescriptvideo
15Rain DanceTina Argylescriptvideo
14Dive Bar SaintsRoy & Fionavideo
13I Will Be ThereAmy Glass & Gullaume Richardscriptvideo
12BothDave Morgan & Jenny Stevensonscriptvideovideo
11WintergreenMaggie Gallagherscriptvideovideo
10Life After LoveJonno Libermanscriptvideovideo
9Extraordinary WaltzMark Furnell & Chriss Goddenscriptvideovideo
8For RobbieLisa McCammonscriptvideovideo
7Ocean to OceanDavid H, Sobrielo PG, Grace D, Rebecca Lscriptvideovideo
6Stomp DownJose Miguel Belloque & Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideo
5Don't Start NowNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
4Red is the RoseGary O'Reillyscriptvideovideovideo
3Holding Hands TogetherJose Miguel Belloque& Alsion Johnstonescriptvideo
2Ocean of GlitterPaul Jamesscriptvideo
1The Greatest Love Of AllGary O'Reilly, Jose Miguel Belloque & Niels Poulsenscript video
December 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
12Cheng Fa Hoi 情花開Nina Chen, Tina Chen & Juilin Chenscriptvideovideo
11Silver BellsAdeline Chang & Nina Chenscriptvideovideo
10Feliz Navidad DiscoTina Chen & Juilin Chenscriptvideovideo
9HardyDarren Baileyscriptvideovideo
8Party Rockin TimeRoy H & Fiona Mvideo
7Ice ColdRoy H & Fiona Mvideo
6I Got YouMaggie Gallagherscriptvideovideovideo
5Do What I DoFred & Scottscriptvideo
4Time to Go Go!Scott Blevinsscriptvideo
3WaveEsmeralda v.d. Polscriptvideovideo
2Time to Move OnLilian Lo & Paul Snookescriptvideo
1Choose JoyRachael McEnaneyscript video
November 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
17Darling, That's The Truth!Gary O'Reillyscriptvideovideo
16Stay With YouNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
15Cooler Than CoolNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideovideo
14My SuperpowerNeville & Juliescriptvideo
13Can't Control Your Feet....Neville & Juliescript
12It's All for YouPaul Snookescript
11Don't Go ChangingAlison Johnstone & Joshua Talbotscriptvideovideo
10Kiss & TellRoy V, Kate S, Rob F & Jef Cscriptvideovideo
9Time 2 Get SexyRia Vosscriptvideo
8New FaceYujin Jungscriptvideo
7Wish of the WindKuk Kumson & Eun Hee Yoonscriptvideo
6What's Mine Is YoursSobrielo Philip G, Jo Kinser, jonas Dahlgren & Hayley Wheatleyscriptvideo
5CrossfireGuillaume Richard & JP Madgescriptvideo
4HonestlyRachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideo
3Half Past TipsyMaddison  & Rachael scriptvideo
2Dancing With Your GhostNeville & Julievideo
1Stack It UpNeville & Juliescript videovideo
October 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
19How Dare You Lie To MeNeville & Juliescriptvideo
1810,000 MoreShane McKeeverscriptvideo
17GeneticsRebecca Leescriptvideo
16Good As YouMichele Burton & Michael Barscriptvideo
15Dance MonkeyAlison Johnstonescriptvideo
14Your MedicineNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
13Faithful SoulGary & Maggiescriptvideovideovideovideo
12Chicago GoldFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat &
Simon Ward
11UnforgettableDarren Baileyscriptvideovideovideovideo
10Fall So Fast Jo Thompson & Kerry Mausscriptvideo
9TeethGuillaume RICHARDscriptvideovideovideo
8Cherry On TopDebbie, Richard & Darrenscriptvideo
7Dance Monkey DanceRoy & Fionascriptvideo
6Ready...Aim...BANG!Scott & Kerry Mausscriptvideo
5Thinkin Bout YouAmy Baileyscript
4Away From YouJose & JPscriptvideo
3Up In The AirSimon & Rachaelscriptvideovideo
2Bonaparte's RetreatMaddison Gloverscriptvideo
1Gettin A RushFred Whitehousevideo
September 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
22Texas ConnectionScott & Jo Thompsonscriptvideovideo
21* Cerezo RosaSally Hungscriptvideo
20 *CrashFred Whitehousescript
19Take a Look At ThisJoey Warrenscriptvideovideovideo
18Nothing To HideSimon Ward & Chris Watsonscriptvideo
17About Last NightDebbie Rushtonscriptvideovideo
16Devastating LoveRaymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
15The Lion King WaltzDodo Wongscriptvideovideovideo
14Ring RingYujin Jungscriptvideovideo
13Tiny VoiceDebbie Rushtonscriptvideo
12Down For Your LovinFred & Shanescriptvideo
11Touch of MexicoDaniel Whittakerscriptvideovideo
10When You SmileJose Miguel Belloque & Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
9Woke Up LateMaddison Gloverscriptvideovideo
8Rescue PartyShane McKeeverscriptvideo
7Oceans DeepJoey Warrenscriptvideovideo
6Party in the HillsJoey, Fred  & Shanescriptvideovideovideo
5Danny's SongMaddison Gloverscriptvideovideovideo
4Baby I'm TornJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideovideo
3* 5:15Fred Whitehousescriptvideo
2* CrashFred Whitehousescriptvideo
1 3 to TangoRaymond S, Roy V, Jose M Bscriptvideo
August 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
15Sweet, and Mentally InsaneWill Craigscriptvideo
14Juicy FruitShane McKeeverscriptvideovideo
13Be Your FriendJanne Tofte Andersenscriptvideovideo
12GucciKate Sala & Robbie scriptvideo
11MovesSimon Ward & Shanescriptvideovideo
10Legends TonightMark Furnell, Chris Godden, Matt Lewis & Ray Jonesscriptvideo
9Rolling With LoveHeather Barton & Simon Wardscriptvideo
8A Little SwingRachael McEnaneyscriptvideo
7Soul ShakeFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
6ReminiscenceSimon Wardscriptvideovideo
5LimelightFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
4Roll With MeJose Migugle Belloque, JP Madge, Tim Johnsonscriptvideo
3I Can Do Hard ThingsRachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideo
2I Know You Can DanceRia Vos
1Fade AwayPaul Snooke script video

July 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
255 6 7 8 ReasonsDarren Bailey & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
24I'm So Hot Hot HotRebecca Lee, Megan Barsugliascriptvideovideo
23Nothing Without YouAmy Baileyscriptvideovideovideo
22My Side of the FenceJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideovideo
21Through It AllJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
20Wanna KnowNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideovideovideo
19Thousand TimeNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideo
18Obsessed ChaNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideovideovideo
17My Heart Is GoneGary O'Reillyscriptvideovideo
16I Am Yours....(*** 100,000 ***)Neville & Juliescriptvideo
15Hey NowGary O'Reillyscript
14World For TwoGary O'Reillyscriptvideovideo
13Diamond WingsRia Vos & Dee Muskscriptvideovideo
12Dance On The WeekendRoy H & Fiona Mscriptvideovideo
11Calm DownJef Camp, Esmeralda van del Pol, Jo Kinserscriptvideovideovideo
10Oh Me GustaJason Takahashiscriptvideo
9ArcadeDaniel T, Jose M & JP Madgescriptvideovideo
8Can't Escape MeJohn Robinson & Derek Steelescriptvideo
7GorgeousDarren Bailey & Raymond Sscriptvideovideo
6Rock ItJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideo
5In The CardsNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideo
4Senorita La La LaJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideo
3Body SwingShane McKeever & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
2Simply Love YouJef Camps & Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
1Bounce BackStephanie B, JP Madge, Gaetan B, G Richardscriptvideovideo

June 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
16I'm BlessedJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
15Broken & BeautifulAmy Glassscriptvideovideovideo
14Body GoodRebecca Lee & Philip Sobrieloscriptvideo
13When You Walk InBrenna Stith & Joey Warrenscriptvideovideo
12Made For NowRoy H, Fiona M & Philip Sobrieloscriptvideo
11Going UnderJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
10I Can't StopFred Whitehousescriptvideo
9Something That You WantDarren & Amyscriptvideovideovideo
8BurdenShane McKeeverscriptvideovideovideo
7BoysScott & Joeyscriptvideo
6Wiser and OlderJoey Warrenscriptvideovideo
5Down To The RootsScott & Fredscriptvideo
4I Just Want To Love YouNeville & Juliescriptvideo
3Shot of TequilaFred Whitehousescriptvideovideovideo
2Apple JuiceScott Blevins & Paul Jamesscriptvideo
1ReverseJessica Devlin & Shane Mckeeverscriptvideo

May 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
23All I Need To KnowGary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagherscriptvideovideo
22Life Is Worth LivingDaniel T, Fred W, Darren Bscriptvideovideo
21Restless DreamingNeville & Juliescript
20Dance On My IslandGary & Shanescriptvideo
19Out Of LoveNeville & Juliescriptvideovideo
18A Little LoyaltyJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideo
17Kindred SpirtiKim Ray & Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
16I Think I Found LoveNeville Fitzgerald & Julie Harrisscriptvideovideo
15I RememberDee Muskscript
14Fire On FireRoman Brasme & Marlon Ronkesscriptvideovideo
13Clam Down BuddiesRebecca Lee, Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloque ane & JP Madgescriptvideo
12Do Watcha Gotta DoTim Johnson & Jannie Tofte Andersenscriptvideovideo
11L.I.L.Y (Like I Love You)Darren Baileyscriptvideovideo
10The ShowGuillaume Richard, Debbie Rushtonscriptvideovideo
9Hustle MeWillie Brown & Darren Baileyscriptvideovideo
8You Better ThinkJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
7A Song To SingDaniel Trepatscriptvideo
6Before I GoNeville & Juliescriptvideovideo
5Never Growing UpMaddison, Simon & Viviennescriptvideovideo
4All My PeopleRaymond Sarlemijn, Roy Hadisubroto, Jonas Dahlgrenscriptvideo
3Bedroom ChaJef Camps & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
2Hotel RoomDaniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque, Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideo
1Everything I HaveGary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagherscriptvideo

Spring Workshop 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
6Ticket To The BluesNiels Poulsenvideo
5Lonely LoversMaddison Glovervideo
4Hyponotized ChaSimon Wardvideo
3Simply The BestMaddison & Rachaelvideo
2Never Growing UpMaddison, Simon & Viviennevideovideovideo
1Get WildMaddison & Jo Thompsonvideovideo

April 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
18Get WildMaddison & Jo Thompsonscriptvideovideovideo
17Drop SnapJose Miguel Belloque & JP Madgescriptvideovideo
16Nothing But YouDarren Baileyscriptvideovideo
15Hypnotized ChaSimon Wardscriptvideovideo
14Salsa PerdonRachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideovideo
13Just Dance!Debbie & Nielsscriptvideo video
12Dare To DanceFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
11 *Beautiful In My EyesSimon Wardscriptvideo
10 *Blue Ain't Your ColorRoy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloquescriptvideovideo
9She Ain't Me Maggie Gallagherscriptvideo
8Simply The Best!Maddison & Rachaelscriptvideo
7HabibiGary O'Reillyscriptvideo
6Hands In The AirDebbie Rushtonscriptvideovideo
5AbsoulutelyNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
45:15Fred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
3Cerezo RosaSally Hungscriptvideovideo
2Mad Crazy LoveGary O'Reillyscriptvideo
1Bethlehem ChildRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Jose Miguel Belloquescriptvideo

March 2018
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
30If I Had YouJef Camps & Grace Davidscriptvideo
29My Love Goes On...Neville & Juliescript
28 *Mood WingSimon Ward, Maddison Glvoer, Chris Watsonscriptvideo
27 *Girl PowerSimon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Vanescriptvideo
26I HopeMaggie Gallagherscriptvideovideo
25 *LargerThan LifeSimon Wardscriptvideo
24 *Private AffairJennifer Chooscriptvideo
23Shang Xin De Li You 伤心的理由 Jun Andrizalscriptvideo
22WWITRaymond Sarlemijn, Pim van Grootel, Roy Hadisubrotoscriptvideo
21Lonely LoversMaddison Gloverscriptvideo
20Keep It SimpleMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
19 *Just DreamDoug & Jackie Mirandascriptvideo
18 *EnchantmentJo Thompsonscriptvideo
17PleaseRia Vosscriptvideo
16Dance With A StrangerAdrian Lefebourscriptvideo
15Break The InternetJoey Warrenscriptvideovideo
14Lay LowDarren Baileyscriptvideo
13It Never Rains In CaliforniaGlenda Lanescript
12Lake BaikelLewis Leescriptvideo
11In The SixJoey Warren & Shane McKeeverscriptvideo
10Good VibesFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
9SuckerJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideo
8 *Ring My BellLewis Leescriptvideo
7My Angel and MeKarl-Harry Winsonscript
6People Help The PeopleRoy H & Fiona scriptvideo
5Heavenly Day (CBA 2019)Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbotscriptvideo
4Can't Ya SeeJoey Warrenscriptvideo
3 *Uphill BattleJoey Warrenscriptvideo
2 *Take Me To Your HeartMaria Taoscriptvideo
1 *Black Coffee 1 & 2Unknown & Helen scriptvideo

February 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
16All This LoveAlison Johnstone & Hayley Wheatleyscriptvideovideo
15Future FriendsNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
14TasteScott Blevinsscriptvideo
13Don't Think About You!Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
12Champagne PromiseTina Argylescriptvideo
11Lipstick TangoMichele Burtonscriptvideovideo
10Wild CityLewis Leescriptvideo
9Whisper In My EarGary O'Reillyscriptvideo
8WonderlandRebecca Leescriptvideo
7Give Me LoveFred Whitehouse & Nicola Laffertyscriptvideovideo
6I Am GiantNeville & Juliescript
5Let Me Down SlowlyJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
4California DreamRhoda Laiscriptvideo
3Rock With YouFiona Murray & Roy Hadisubrotoscriptvideo
2We Love ItFiona Murray & Roy Hadisubrotoscriptvideo
1Everybody Feel GoodScott Blevins & Rachael McEnaneyscriptvideo

January 2019
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
21Cherry BombRob Fowlerscriptvideovideo
20Music To My EyesDerek Steels & Simon Wardscriptvideo
19Dae Jang GeumLewis Leescriptvideo
19Thank You Very MuchSobrielo Philip Genescriptvideovideo
18This Is UsFred Whitehouse & Rebecca Leescriptvideo
17We'll Be DancingMaggie Gallagherscriptvimeovideo
16Just A PhaseFred Whitehouse & Maddison Gloverscriptvideovideo
15Power Over MeRoy V, Annette R , Jef Cscriptvideovideo
14VenenoRia Vosscriptvideo
13*No RegretsScott Blevinsscriptvideo
12Oh Me Oh My OhRob Fowlerscriptvideo
11Waiting 4 URon Bloyescriptvideovideo
10CaliforinaDaniel Whittaker & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideo
9Hey, MamboLiam Hrycanscriptvideo
8Somebody To LoveRachael McEnaney-Whitescriptteach demo
7No Strings AttachedSimon W, Maddison G, Niels Pscriptvideovideo
6* Islands In The StreamKaren Jonesscriptvideo
5LentoIra Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijnscriptvideo
4HourglassMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reillyscriptvimeo vimeovideo
3All Tangled UpJef Campsscriptvideo
2Hear My SongTina Chenscriptvideovideo
1Falling WallsDarren Baileyscriptvideo